Struggling with sleep?

Get help with clinically proven sleep therapy and our personal sleep coaches.
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How it works

  • 1. Answer some simple questions

    Set your sleeping goals and answer a few quick questions on your current sleep pattern.

  • 2. Get your personalized therapy program

    Get a personalized sleep schedule and exercises to alleviate your sleep troubles.

  • 3. Talk to your sleep coach

    Get guidance and support from your sleep coach

  • 4. Get weekly adjustments

    Sleep program will be tweaked based on your data and guidance from sleep coach.

  • 5. Improved sleep within weeks

    Our program is evidence based and most see significantly improved sleep within weeks.

Sleep therapy, not just hygiene

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Most long term sleep issues stem from how you think about sleep and your habits related to sleep. Sleepedy uses principles from science-based cognitive behavioral therapy to break vicious cycles that are keeping you from a good night's sleep.

Sleepedy leverages your natural sleep drive to help you make changes. Sleepedy’s sleep improvements are gradual but more permanent since they are long term behavioral and cognitive changes. They don’t require any external sleeping pills or supplements.

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Learn more about our therapy here.

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Access to a personal sleep coach

Your lifestyle is unique. Our coaches are available to help you find the right behavioral interventions and habits that work for your life. They have been trained to practice behavioral therapy in the field and are available to chat with in-app at any time

Meet your sleep goals

Whether it is reducing racing thoughts at night, or decreasing nighttime awakenings, Sleepedy has you covered. Sleepedy gives you a sleep schedule tailored to your goals and lifestyle so you can start hitting these sleep goals.

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Integrate with your sleep tracker

Sleepedy integrates with Apple Health and is compatible with most sleep trackers. Sleepedy uses this data to provide you an optimal sleep schedule and measure your sleep improvement over time

Join our supportive community

Sleeping struggles make us feel isolated. Sleepedy maps you with people that have similar sleep goals in a supportive community. Celebrate and share improved sleep with your tribe.

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Does Sleepedy support Android?
Sleepedy is currently iOS only. Our Android is currently in the works. Drop us a message in the Intercom messenger if you’d like early access!
Does Sleepedy offer a free version?
Unfortunately not at this point, but we do have a 3 day risk free trial. You will not be billed for a week and can cancel at any time.
Does Sleepedy work with the Apple Watch?
Sleepedy works with all trackers that write their sleep data to Apple Health. Just enable write access to Apple Health on your tracker's app.
How do I get in touch with the team?
Send us a message via the Intercom messenger on our website and we’ll get back to you very soon 🙂